Rhebokskloof and Spice Route

Rhebokskloof and Spice Route - top wine destinations and tourist attractions in South Africa.
The venues are popular with the public and include award winning restaurants, neat toilets, ample parking and large event areas – perfectly suited to the hosting of mass participation events.
The trails and facilities at the venues allow us to host “THE ROCK” in a secure environment, managed by ourselves.
Spice Route and Rhebokskloof are located on the slopes of the Paarl Mountain and they boast a host of amazing facilities that include:

  • Wine Tasting
  • Craft beer and Gin
  • Conference facilities
  • Kiddies Play areas
  • Award winning Artisan Villages and restaurants


These venues all have land owners who are passionate about their farms and all avid trail enthusiasts. Their support and close involvement in creating “THE ROCK” allow us to plan with a no holds barred approach to make them something special.

Where to book accommodation

Only the start of the first MTB stage is removed from Paarl (in Malmesbury). The rest of the action is in Paarl on Saturday and Sunday.

This means entrants can book their accommodation in Paarl without having to move for the entire three stages or they can book in Malmesbury on Thursday evening and then in Paarl for Friday and Saturday evenings.


“THE ROCK” cuts out all the senseless frills which have led to mountain-bike and trail running events becoming unaffordable over the years.

But we know what makes you tick – super trails, brilliant racing conditions, well stocked waterpoints, a well marshalled, safe environment, and affordable eats and drinks at vibey and cool venues.
Since the main stream popularity of mountain-biking started 18 years ago, so many mountain-bikers have taken part in most of the major stage races and single day events more than once and just don’t want to fork out thousands of Rands for the same experience anymore.

“THE ROCK” is organised and presented with all participants as the main focal point of the events and ticks all the boxes which are vitally important for runners and mountain-bikers, but cuts out the rest to ensure affordability.

Participant satisfaction, well-being and enjoyment of the races are our primary and utmost goals and we work tirelessly to deliver legendary and unforgettable mountain bike and trail running experiences.
Off the bike a world filled with great food, entertainment and activities await the entire family.

Whether you are coming out for a weekend with mates or bringing the entire family along for a weekend of adventure - there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.
The towns of Paarl and Malmesbury are brimming with tradition and history, and the riding and trail running terrain between them and scenery certainly have no equal in SA.

“THE ROCK” takes place in beautiful surroundings and at an applicable time of the year with very little chance of rain and mild temperatures while the trails will be in sublime shape following the winter rains.
The event is in the lead-up to FNB Wines2Wales which presents riders with the perfect training weekend one month prior.